Emerald Stone

Emerald (Be 3 Al 2 SiO 6) is a gem or precious stone that is green to dark green. Silicate mineral beryl include emerald (containing beryllium) and the green color is caused by a trace of chromium. The presence of vanadium and chromium-iron that accompanies trace will lead to variety in the color green zone. Emerald including high hardness (7.5 on a scale Mohr).
Variations in color: green, green – yellow, green – kebirua.
Levels of transparency: transparency, translusan.
Policy gloss: sheen – glass.
Refractive Index: 2.67 to 2.78.
Chemical Formula: Be 3 Al 2 SiO 6.
Crystal system: Hexagonal.
Producing high quality emerald is Colombia, Siberia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Australia and Brazil.


Aura stone: create a cool atmosphere, safe and comfortable, maintaining physical fitness and spiritual.
Relevance profession: Practical health, agrobis-living environment.
Many green-colored gem stones, emerald green, but who is considered the most enchanting. As a mineral, including the type of beryl emerald. type of beryl is actually some are blue, yellow and red – but color is cool and shady hijaulah that allowed him to perform parallel-precious gem stones other. Uniquely, the majority of the mineral emerald born with a natural characteristic of cracks or fibers – so if you can find one that color … nice and smooth berbodi LHA, this is it! Want to know the price? free market almost perfect form of emeralds and large can be assessed above $ 10,000.00 per carat!
As a gem-stones, emeralds seemed the most graceful and ideal when sharpened facet model in the form of four-square pieces or pieces of jade (emera-cut), so he was very loved by the men who will take pride in the eyes can wear it as a ring with ditretes diamonds-diamonds on the sides. Steady lah taste. rubijuga varied, ranging transaparan until opaque (ruby-meat), with different price levels also vary. And when we talk about price-precious stones, rubies type is one of the most expensive in the world. Rubi top that weighs over 10 carats valued up to U.S. $ 20,000.00 per carat than diamonds price equal quality and size.


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How to distinguish genuine gemstones with synthetic?
Typically, the original rocks have interesting traits like “inclusion”, color, hardness, and different forms of synthetic stone. To the knowledge of all, there are two ways of man-made gems produced. First, a synthetic which the original rock melted and reshaped and the second is immitation (artificial) namely the original rock is mixed with other materials such as glass. Synthetic rocks are again regarded as a precious jewel kerana original material is the original stone.

The first difference is, synthetic stones usually do not have the “inclusion”. Inclusion is the impression as if the cracks (crack), or foam (buble) or contained bendasing in stone (like tourmalined and rutilated inclusions) or lamellae (impression as fingerprints) or “microcrystalline aggreget” (such as fractures, but should not be perceived by menggunakanjari).

Inclusion bebenang shaped white on blue-lace agate.


“Ferocolumbite inclusion” on the sapphire shaped like black spots.


“Amethyst inclusion” gives the impression of the color purple on a white quartz.


“Amethyst inclusion” gives the impression of the color purple on a white quartz.


One characteristic of emerald (emerald) from Columbia is the inclusion of the so-called jardin. Jardin gives such an impression fracture, foam and / or black spots on the Emerald



Unusual gemstone is cut or rolled for menyerlahkan beauty and beauty. The piece gives a high value to the gemstones kerana he menyerlahkan sparkle, giving an attractive shape, and highlight the features of gemstones such as luster, inclusions, and intrusion on the gemstone. In addition, the piece also gives gemstones highlight the color and light are very beautiful impression. The most popular way terbahagi pieces to five:

1. Brilliant Cuts
Brilliant cut is a very popular piece of diamond and gemstone berwarna.Potongan this justifies the maximum reflected light and give the impression of glittering like fire. usual form is oval, pear-shaped pendeloque, boat-shaped and marquise or navette. Brilliant cut may be cut to 58 facets with various shapes such as heart or star.
2. Step Cuts
Step cut (or trap cut) highlight the color of the gemstones and have a square or rectangular sama.Selain, the octagonal shape also may be found by cutting a portion side of a rectangular-shaped gemstones are the same. Emerald is a popular piece, square, radiant, Octagon, oval, baguette-cut pieces of table. Emerald cut emerald kerana very popular for color and pattern he menyerlahkan gemstones such depths.

3. Mixed Cuts
Mixed Cut a circle of regular cut to the shape of crowns such as brilliant cut, step-cut and pavilions. Sapphires and rubies, as well as the transparent color gemstones cut in this way. Popular form is the cushion, pear or teardrop, and oval.
4. Fancy Cuts
Fancy cut contained in various shapes such as triangular, kite-shaped, lozenge-shaped, pentagonal or hexagonal. In addition, there is in the form of pear and tear drop. Heart shape is also a choice for a gift to a dear. Lainialah forms such as Hexagon, pentagon, Trilliant, marquise, heart, stepped crown, step-cut briolette, rondelle, star, scissors, twisted triangle and pear.
5. Polishing
Usually done for polishing gemstones are translucent or opaque, such as opal and jade. Unusual gemstone beads cut as a cabochon or flat pieces. Gemstone polishing gives a smooth, beautiful, and feature depths menyerlahkan stones.
The type and price of the emerald (Emerald)
Stone Emerald (Emerald) is a precious stone, important, sacred and very expensive for thousands of years. This is one of the most valuable gemstones in the world. Defining characteristics of emeralds that make it so desirable is the color: green, emerald inspiration.
The most precious of precious stones are emerald
The most valuable emerald is a, perfectly conspicuous “emerald” green, in a large size (more than 5 CTS). Quite clear and perfectly cut (facet).

The following is a summary of Emeralds of Different Levels of Quality and Value:

average value emerald

Low Value: This is so, including opaque emerald. dark emerald color and less attractive. emerald / emerald is smaller and less cut. Emerald like this are not worth much.
Low Value: Emeralds in this ring has a clarity (Clarity) is less, but better than the left. These pieces of medium and small. The best thing about this emerald is a beautiful color. If this gemstone by itself, should not cost more than $ 100
High Value: This emerald has a clarity (Clarity) is much less than the previous one. However, intense luminous color and large size makes it more valuable.
High Value: This emerald has a clarity (Clarity) is better. Intensely luminous colors and large size makes it more valuable.

What You Should Know Before Buying Emerald

# Color (color): The most important for determining the quality of the stone is an emerald color. The best color is an intense emerald green to bright not too dark nor too pale.

# Size (size): The larger the emerald, the more valuable. emerald Very little can be bought quite affordable, because there is less material, and also because of the small emerald emeralds are less rare than great.

# Cut (cut): Price and value of an emerald is also determined by the quality of these pieces. Will either cut emeralds and reflect the maximum amount of light.

# The clarity (clarity): Almost all the emerald / emerald nature has a number of cloudiness or internal flaws, called inclusions. It is acceptable to have less than perfect clarity emerald and the emerald is not lower. However, there are significant differences in the emerald which has included many, or very cloudy, so they lose their transparency.

# Care, Synthetic and imitation (Treatments, Synthetics and imitations): Almost all emeralds through some kind of treatment before they are made ​​into jewelry. Some pengolahaan is accepted and there is considered cheating. Also because of high value, emeralds are usually synthesized in the laboratory. And sometimes, a dishonest seller, might try to sell other gem stones as emeralds. B

# The meaning and symbology (Meaning and symbology): Emeralds have many healing properties and has been important to many cultures for thousands of years.

Below is a picture of the gemstone emerald / emerald individuals and jewelry (jewelry) emerald discussed and analyzed.

Here is an emerald cut into a cabochon (oval or whole numbers). Emerald cut cabochon always less clarity and generally cheaper. However, this one has an excellent green color that makes it more valuable.
This is an example of the worst quality emerald. clarity is very poor, bad cuts, they are small, and most importantly, dull colors. Do not buy emeralds like this, unless you just want to have an emerald, and you have a small budget.
synthetic  emerald Emeralds in the ring is nice and clear, a bit too obvious. Even the absence of characteristic inclusions is an indication that it is synthetic. Luka’s okay: it allows for a nice reflection of green light
This is the kind of emerald stone that you should buy. Although not as clear as an emerald in the ring above, it is more valuable because of the color of emerald green light. Clarity (clarity) did not decrease significantly from the value and cut very well (all aspects and even the light reflected from below)
poor color  emerald This is nice and clear emerald is very good and the cut (emerald-cut). However, the green color is a bit too dark.
dull color  emerald This emerald has a clarity (clarity) with lots of inclusions and fractures whispy distinctive emerald. However, the main detractor value is yellowish green color. An emerald color should be blue and a little more alive.
poorly cut  emerald This is an example of a very bad emerald cut. We can see through the bottom, which means it does not cut properly: light to be reflected back into our eyes. Facet is also uneven and cracked. As with most emeralds, this one included so that clarity is lacking. The color in this one too real and too pale.


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